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A podcast about Enterprise Software and Cloud Computing that doesn't take itself too seriously.

About the show

Get ready for a weekly dose of all things Enterprise Software and Cloud Computing! Join us as we dive into topics including Kubernetes, DevOps, Serverless, Security and Coding. Plus, we’ll keep you entertained with plenty of off-topic banter and nonsense. Don’t worry if you miss the latest industry conference - we’ve got you covered with recaps of all the latest news from AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

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  • BONUS: DevOpsDays DFW, with ADO and The Food Right Show

    September 22nd, 2016  |  57 mins 26 secs

    At DevOpsDays DFW, Coté recorded a joint-podcast with Arrested DevOps and The Food Fight Show. Along with some local guests, we discuss the event, DevOpsDays, and computers in North Texas.

  • Episode 72: “Oh! Scurvy! Again.”

    September 16th, 2016  |  1 hr 3 mins

    It's all fundings, divestitures, and acquisitions this week. Hashicorp gets some cash, HPE sells off it's software group to Micro Focus, and Google buys Twitter acquisition rumors. Plus sentient carpets.

  • Episode 71: Unbreakable Docker, or, elephants, er, like other elephants

    September 2nd, 2016  |  1 hr 15 mins

    We discuss the fun, changing land of the software stack…

  • Episode 70: “No one wants to eat a finger-pie.”

    August 27th, 2016  |  52 mins 42 secs

    This week we discuss Rackspace going private and the OpenStack cloud scenarios that could have been. We also cover Matt Ray's first trip to New Zealand where, sadly, he finds no Power Ranger monuments. Also, a little bi-modal flavor for ya.

  • Episode 69: The two types of sales dudes you meet in heaven, the IaaS MQ, and layoffs

    August 19th, 2016  |  51 mins 25 secs

    There’s always good food in the enterprise sales meeting racket: gourmet pimento cheese, sushi and sake, and booze. Also, the Gartner magic quadrant for IaaS in out, which we discuss. With layoffs at Cisco we look at the broader numbers around layoffs in the tech sector. Before recommendations we briefly talk about Walmart buying Jet.

  • Episode 68: Too old for the buffet

    August 5th, 2016  |  49 mins 33 secs

    With Matt securely setup in Australia, we get the low-down on the down under. We also discuss rumors of HPE and Rackspace going private and catch up on Verizon buying Yahoo!

  • Episode 67: Fried chicken, Docker Swarm, tech journalism, or, "but that sweet @MattRay interpolation, tho."

    July 2nd, 2016  |  1 hr 2 mins

    Is anyone minding the business side of these container orchestration plays? That's the main topic we discuss after doing over recent Docker announcements. We then discuss the state of tech journalism and throw out a free business plan for left-ish fried chicken slinging.

  • Episode 66: I-Bankers Smokin' L's in the Hot-tub

    June 18th, 2016  |  1 hr 2 mins

    With two surprise acquisitions this week we have a lot of synergies to discuss. We cover Samsung picking up Joyent, and Microsoft buying LinkedIn. Highly related is a recent article trying to explain what's going on with private equity buying tech companies. Then, we discuss the big news from chef we've been waiting for: the announcement of habitat.

  • Episode 65: The High-level WTF on "Scheduling"

    June 11th, 2016  |  55 mins 22 secs

    We spend this week talking about workload scheduling, starting with Mesos. It's a fun ride from CONTROL-M to Lambda, along with Cloud Foundry and serverless. So get ready to beat a horse into glue. Plus, how to handle gifts for father's day and the usual recommendations at the end.

  • Episode 64: Residential Diaper Rash

    June 4th, 2016  |  58 mins 31 secs

    While Texas moistens up, we talk about the morals of rich tech folks suing journalists, the state of open source business, the history of the BI market, and how to use the Meeker decks. Check out the full show notes for links to the recommendations, conferences, and tech news items we didn’t get to cover.

  • Episode 63: The Snack-Tracker, Uber in Austin, & Tater Salad

    May 26th, 2016  |  56 mins 7 secs

    After we learn how to divide by eight, we discuss Uber being shut-down in Austin, then a recent case for hypervisors aging out. Also, we all agree that we're way too old to consider anything new.

  • Episode 62: Peak Ping Pong

    May 6th, 2016  |  53 mins 28 secs

    This week, we discuss DevOpsDays Austin, Pivotal's funding round, and some follow-up for the OpenStack Summit: turns our Gartner doesn't hate them. Also, with the new ping-model out, we discuss the potential for peak ping pong.

  • Episode 61: Baltimore is not the same as Annapolis. Also, they like crab there

    April 29th, 2016  |  48 mins 16 secs

    OpenStack is crawling its way into the plateau of productivity, we submit, during this week of the OpenStack Summit. We also discuss the recent Docker survey findings, and some overly precise number on private vs. public cloud adoption. Coté also manages to insult the entire Eastern seaboard, esp. Annapolis.