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Episode 154 · November 11th, 2018 · 1 hr 4 mins

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More consolidation in the kubernetes community, plus the X Windowing System and Canonical. Related: “I’m not waiting for an answer, I’m just going to go on.”

Sponsored by SolarWinds

This episode is sponsored by SolarWinds and this week SolarWinds wants you to know about their DevOps tool: AppOptics.

Today, there is a divide between application and infrastructure health metrics—and the lack of unified dashboards, alerting, and management. With SolarWinds AppOptics you get a bird’s-eye view across all your resources on a single pane of glass—but can also drill quickly into the details.

AppOptics includes built-in integrations for over 150 cloud-first applications, instant visibility into server and infrastructure performance, robust custom metrics dashboards, and automated APM request tracing. It’s SaaS-hosted, easy to manage, and budget friendly.

Over 275,000 customers trust SolarWinds for the performance data they need, and AppOptics lets developers and operations get back to doing what they love: delighting users.

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Relevant to your interests

VMware buys Heptio

  • VMware acquires Heptio, the startup founded by 2 co-founders of Kubernetes
  • Pivotal’s take: We’re Looking Forward to Welcoming Heptio to the Family! This is Why Our Customers Will be the Big Winners.
  • RedMonk’s O’Grady:
    • What Heptio actually does: “the company chose a unique path of not quite product company, and not quite full service company, but borrowing elements of both. This fit the market need in many cases, but posed significant challenges from a marketing and messaging standpoint, as the market understands product companies and service companies but is less comfortable with descriptions that don’t entirely fit into either bucket.”
    • “None of [the open source tools developers love(d) so much] concerned VMware particularly, because as its early developer attention waned its popularity within the operations side of the house – and central IT in particular – boomed. Which has been good for the company generally as central IT has historically been less concerned both about software being open source and being free than developers, which has led to VMware becoming an enterprise datacenter standard which in turn led to its current $60.7B market cap – a valuation roughly double that of Red Hat’s, for context.”
  • Related: El Reg decoder ring.
  • Heptio's Episode of Exegesis podcast.


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Listener Feedback

  • Jay from Ohio wrote in to get six stickers for his DevOps team. He tells us “I usually listen at 1.75x speed, and accidentally put you guys on at 1.0x and Coté's semi-coherent monologues turned into the drunk uncle that I wish I had. I highly recommend slowing the podcast down a bit for a good laugh” Also, wrote an iTunes review!
  • Gut full of floss - Craig from Slack tell us that cotton candy is known as Fairy Floss in Australia.

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