The middle-class metallurgical people - boothing, streaming sportsball, M&As & IPOs

Episode 92 · April 9th, 2017 · 51 mins 7 secs

About this Episode

Having something to sell is always key to a profitable business. We explore this life-hack of the business world in discussion Twitter and then Amazon licensing Thursday night football. There's also some brief talk of Akamai buying SOASTA, Cloudera filing to IPO, and the lost dichotomy of agent/agentless.



  • Wearing the t-shirt.
  • Success criteria for boothing.
  • Don't speak Spanish in Japan.
  • Sponsoring the coffee.

Oracle NOT Buying Accenture

Amazon streaming NFL

Chef 13 is coming

Time-Series Data

Akamai Buys SOASTA

  • Monitoring acquisition
  • SOASTA is testing right? A commercial district of some synthetic user testing thing?
  • "Through SOASTA solutions, Akamai customers will then be able to test optimizations at scale prior to deployment and validate the business impact of those optimizations once they are live in production. The result is a comprehensive set of cloud-based performance and business outcome optimization."
  • Maybe Brandon can tell us the context/issues (good and bad) for synthetic web transaction monitoring from the SiteAngel days.

Cloudera Going Public

  • Link, Link 2
  • Revenue: $261.0 million in the year ending Jan. 31, up from $166.0 million a year ago
  • Net loss: $187.32 million, narrower than the $203.14 million from a year ago (cut ~$16m in spending).
  • Analysis from Brenon at 451, esp. comparing to HortonWorks.


VMware offloading vCloud Air

Rackspace done with OpenStack as an AWS defense

  • Now back to the classics
  • Still on that private cloud thing: "What we are learning is the world doesn't need another public cloud, so OpenStack is shifting from and going private cloud."

Yahoo/AOL to be called "Oath"

  • Link
  • First there was Yahoo + Alibaba as "Altaba", now there is "Yahoo + AOL" as "Oath". Clearly this is corporate trolling at this point.

DellEMC financials

Backstory on Python moving to GitHub

  • Link
  • "But what ended up happening is nearly none of those volunteers stuck around."


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