Container orchestration framework names you can't pronounce, for $500. Or, everything’s coming Up kubernetes.

Episode 91 · March 30th, 2017 · 54 mins 49 secs

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We discuss the continual rise of Kubernetes, with Amazon as seemingly the main hold-out. This leads to a not-too-painful discussion of the stat of open source, at least how companies are using it tactically. Then we close out discussing the rumor that Oracle is considering buying Accenture and how the enterprise software plus services model seems to be panning out.


EBay Replaces native OpenStack Container Manager with Kubernetes-based one

  • Still OpenStack though
  • Link
    • "It elected to roll its own Kubernetes-based solution for container management in OpenStack rather than try to improve Magnum."
    • ¯_(ツ)_/¯
    • "It's not clear if can or will be released as open source" - what's the point of open sourcing something if a vendor isn't going to make it more accessible for consumption? Do they really expect anyone else to use something built for Ebay by Ebay and find use? Rip out Magnum in OpenStack and toss it in there? I'm always skeptical about adoption when I hear about non-software companies open sourcing a big project. -Matt
      • There can only be one Netflix.
      • A software company that just happens to be an auction company.

What's the deal with OSS now?

  • Companies open sourcing software for the sake of open sourcing it...but not for a revenue reason.
  • Is open source about tactically creating standards?

Pivotal can deploy k8 with BOSH, thus manage it and such

Rackspace Replacing Docker-based CaaS Carina with Kubernetes

IBM InterConnect

  • BlueMix Container Services
    • And a vulnerability scanner!
    • How do IBM and others (ie. Oracle) regain mindshare with a "me-too" approach?
  • Will Smith?!?
    • Peyton Manning previously. Remember Bill Clinton at DellWorld?
    • Coté's Analyst-hack: Watch keynotes from your hotel room.

containerd & rkt donated to the CNCF

  • Something was contributed
  • More...
  • Boring part of the stack commoditized & foundationed
  • "Container-D or Contai-Nerd" is the real question
  • "contaiNERD" - GET IT?!?!!

Oracle Eyeing Accenture

  • From The Register
  • Everybody wants to be IBM Global Services
  • Coté'd tl;dr: financial aside (which I don't know), probably makes sense. While we might bemoan EDS and GBS downsizing, there's endless money in the "solution" sales (tech + meatware). And - I'm sure the deal decks are saying - with SaaS penetration at 20-30%, there's a shit-ton of churn in IT in the next 10-20 years, all requiring services. Most importantly, the G2000 and governments will want to hire "trusted" brands, like Accenture, to help them. On the other hand, maybe that goofy Accenture touch screen in ORD will now be a way to touch-screen up Oracle wares: God help us.
  • HP EDS, IBM GBS, Dell Services (Perot), etc.
  • "Accenture has a market cap of $77.5bn, and shareholders will expect a premium offer."
  • HPE Services and CSC, it's a thing.

BONUS LINKS! Not covered in show.

Chef Survey 2017 Results

  • Analysis, Infographic
  • Reads really well if you imagine bullet points as spinning newspaper headlines:
    • "Workloads are increasing faster than headcount"
  • More:
    • "61% are automating infrastructure, 30% are automating compliance, and only 27% are automating container management."
    • "Of those users, 73% wait to assess compliance after development work has begun and new features have been implemented. 59% assess compliance once code is already running in production, possibly resulting in additional rework as change is re-architected to meet Information Security standards."
      • On the one hand, this is a bummer.
      • On the other hand: "hey, you 59% lot: you call yourself auditors?"

Setting the Record Straight: containers vs. Zones vs. Jails vs. VMs




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