Cloud Rules Everything Around Me - Red Hat, Moby, Docker CEO, and Halo Effect’ing The First Cloud Wars

Episode 93 · May 4th, 2017 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

There's much news in the container world with DockerCon and Red Hat having had conferences, plus Docker gets a new CEO. We also do a hindsight analysis of what wrong with the losers of the Cloud Wars. And, as always, recommendations from the three of us.


Matt Ray’s APAC Biz Travel Fun

  • 5 different airlines in a month.
  • Emirates is the best.
  • This is why we can’t have nice things - American Airlines raises pay.

Red Hat.

Cloud Rules Everything Around Me

  • As summarized by Derrick (via CNBC:
    • AWS brought in $3.66 billion in revenue, which was up 42 percent from last year. However, year-over-year growth dropped from last year’s first quarter.
    • Microsoft’s “Intelligent Cloud” unit, which includes Azure, grew 11 percent, to $6.8 billion. Microsoft doesn’t break out Azure revenue specifically, but said Azure saw a 93 percent increase in revenue over last year.
    • Google Cloud is buried somewhere in “Other Bets” on Alphabet earnings, a segment that grew 50 percent to $3.1 billion.
  • What’s the Halo Effect on this? It’s easy to blame the big vendors for shying away from public cloud but it was some scary shit, business-case wise, back in 2008.
  • Verizon sells cloud stuff to IBM.

Docker is now Moby, wait what?

  • LinuxKit - the host OS, where you run the containers.
  • Moby is recommended for anyone who wants to assemble a container-based system”
  • Moby = open source development
  • Docker CE = free product release based on Moby
  • Docker EE = commercial product release based on Docker EE
  • Moby is the name of the upstream umbrella project supervising the open source pieces that are used to build Docker, which is now the commercial-focused product Docker CE/EE
  • Letter about Mobyan-open-letter-to-docker-about-moby/
  • Moby is Fedora, Docker is like RHEL, Eclipse, Genuitec.
  • Coté’s Notebook on Moby and such
  • Coté's Notebook on Docker's new CEO.

BONUS LINKS! Not covered in show.

EngineYard done!

“Native” Windows Server Support for Docker

  • Link
  • “Linux containers running natively on Windows Server through our Hyper-V isolation technology”

Sysdig Docker Usage Report 2017

  • Link 1
  • Link 2
  • Always fun to read “real” numbers
  • 10 containers/host and Kubernetes out in front

Microsoft and the NSA Exploits Leak

  • Link
  • Patch your servers and run modern versions people.

Amazon’s Coming to Australia

  • Link
  • “The moment Australian retailers have dreaded is here. “

Intel Drops out of OpenStack Innovation Center

  • Link
  • 30 Rackers moving internally, Intel is still participating within OpenStack

Huawei Want to Enter the Cloud Fray

  • Link
  • Everybody wants a piece of AWS

Microsoft buys Deis

Oracle Buys Wercker

  • Link
  • “container lifecycle management” - foundation for a container PaaS if you tie it to the StackEngine acquisition?

How Many Data Centers Needed World-Wide

  • Link
  • Deep cut from James Hamilton, AWS Datacenter guru
  • Re: Oracle “if you assume the big three are spending roughly equally, how can $1.7B compete with more than $10B when it comes to serving customers?”
  • “2+1 redundancy is cheaper than 1+1 and, when there are 3 facilities, a single facility can experience a fault without eliminating all redundancy from the system. Consequently, whenever AWS goes into a new region, it’s usual that three new facilities be opened rather than just one with some racks on different power domains.”
  • “latency is not the prime driver of very large numbers of regions”
  • “being close to population centers and major communications hubs matters to most operators more than cooling costs”

Canonical/Ubuntu priorities

  • Link
  • Dropping Unity desktop and phone stuff in favor of desktop, cloud & IOT

BrickerBot Bricks Unsecured IOT Devices

  • Link
  • “BrickerBot the work of a vigilante?”

OmniTI Shutting Down OmniOS Development

  • Link
  • Open source Solaris-compatible clone
  • “OmniTI will be suspending active development of OmniOS”

Apple makes GarageBand, iMovie and iWork free

  • Link
  • MacOS and IOS!
  • Keynote is the best, why not open source for an attempt at cross-platform?