These strategies work really well except for when they’re totally fucked

Episode 90 · March 15th, 2017 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

While it's unknown how much time you should let your kids play Minecraft, it's equally unclear at the moment who'll win the second cloud wars. Between Google, Azure, AWS, and all the others, how companies differentiate themselves and what customers will buy on isn't sorted just yet. We discuss Google Next, Pivotal's momentum announcement, and serious theories for Okta IPO'ing.

Pardon the shoddily formatted show notes below, Coté was in a hurry to get to Spring Break.

Google NEXT


Pivotal: we make money, cause we have paying customers

Okta files to go public

  • S1 filed.
  • I don't get it. This is going to be a disaster.
  • Whatever the fantasy running SFDC and MSFT running identity.


Five AI Startup Predictions for 2017

  • Link
  • "Pure hype trends will reveal themselves to have no fundamentals behind them" <- GOLD
  • Bots go bust
  • Deep learning goes commodity
  • AI is cleantech 2.0 for VCs
  • MLaaS dies a second death
  • Full stack vertical AI startups actually work
  • Facebook Bots are failing.

Enterprise product management

USAF locks in with Oracle

US Immigration's "Code Test"?