I think the word we object to is "DevOps"

Episode 83 · December 16th, 2016 · 54 mins 22 secs

About this Episode

...Statler and Waldorf talk with Fozzie
...What's the "OpsOps" of DevOps?.
...Never say you're going to spend $1bn on anything

What exactly is DevOps? We dare to discuss that at first and then get into Amazon's new managed hosting offering. There's some new container news with containerd from DockerInc land, and some little notes on Azure's features and Cisco's InterCloud shutting down. Also, we find out which Muppet each of us would be played by in The Muppets Take Over Software Defined Talk.


Feedback & Follow-up

The DevOps

  • App dev vs. IT service delivery.
  • DevOps Kung Fu, Adam Jacob's talk on the inclusion of everyone in the org chart in DevOps
  • What is DevOps without Dev? Is there OpsOps?

AWS Managed Services

Don't Sleep on Microsoft

  • Damn, that's a monstrous URL
  • GPUs, HANA, Media Services, Machine Deep Learning, Data Lake, Single-instance virtual machines
  • Coté: I hear data is a thing. And AI.

Cisco Shutting Down Their InterCloud

  • Coté's audition for an ElReg headline writer: Cloud InterRUPPTED
  • $1 Billion isn't enough, "score another body bag win for the unstoppable Amazon Web Services"
  • "Meanwhile, the cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google aren't using a lot of Cisco gear. They are increasingly using a new style to build networks that relies more on software and less on high-end, expensive hardware."
  • Sharwood@ElReg: "OpenStack public clouds have an unhappy history: Rackspace felt it could build a business on the platform, but has since changed tack. HP pulled out of its own Helion public cloud. If Cisco is indeed changing direction, the OpenStack Board has some interesting matters to ponder."
  • Theory: AWS means on-premise IT is over-serving. You actually don't need all that. Incumbent vendors succumbed to the strategy aphasia of the disruptor's' dilemma (weren't willing to sacrifice/take eye off the ball of existing success and revenue) and lost to Amazon's lower capabilities, lower price approach. WHEN WILL TECH PEOPLE LURN?
  • There was this talk several years ago that was all like: "well, obviously, we shouldn't compete strategy-to-strategy with Amazon. We should provide the enterprise version!" Apparently, that was dead wrong. People confused Apple's ability to sell at an insane premium with the market not caring about x86 &co.

Docker Contributes Containerd

Containers in Production!

  • Round-up of some container survey poking
  • n=338 respondents
  • Sidenote: Jenkins win. Good job biffing that one Oracle. But then again: is there any money in it?
  • "This leads us to a very difficult operational problem – how do we ensure security, and understand the makeup of an application while still allowing developer velocity to increase."
  • More Docker usage numbers from DataDog!
  • "ECS adoption has climbed steadily from zero to 15 percent of Docker organizations using Datadog. (And more than 10 percent of all Datadog customers are now using Docker.)"
  • How do I read this? Does it mean adoption is fast after an initial tire-kicking? "In the 30 days after an organization starts reporting ECS metrics, we see a 35 percent increase in the number of running containers as compared to the 60-day baseline that came before. Using the same parameters, we see a 27 percent increase in the number of running Docker hosts."

CoreOS Tectonic Goes Freemium

  • Erryone's favorite business model
  • Kubernetes 1.5 coming soon
    • Shipping upstream version3
  • Renamed their distro to Container Linux
  • They have attempted to coin the phrase "self-driving Kubernetes" -- God help us.

BONUS LINKS! Not discussed on show.

More AWS Followup

Docker Acquires Distributed Storage Startup Inifinit

CA Buys Automic for $635 million

New CEO at BMC

Red Hat OpenShift on GCE and JBoss on OpenShift

Dell Q3

Stonic, (not) An Ansible Fork?

  • Stonic will be licensed under AGPL-3.0 :facepalm:
  • Coté: why is AGPL bad?

Australian 2016 Word of the Year: "Democracy Sausage" (saved you a click)

Google Makes So Much Money It Never Had to Worry About Financial Discipline - Until Now

NVIDA $129k computer.