Attack of the two-pizza teams

Episode 82 · December 9th, 2016 · 57 mins 10 secs

About this Episode

...Eventually, someone has to clean up the leftover pizza.

...That sweet OpEx.

..."Easy to stay."

Amazon came out with a slew of features last week. This week we discuss them and take some cracks at the broad, portfolio approach at AWS compared to historic (like .Net) platform approaches. We also discuss footwear and what to eat and where to stay in Las Vegas.



AWS re:Invent

Global Partner Summit

Day 1 - "I'd like to tell you about…"

Day 2

Analysis discussion for all the AWS stuff

  • Jesus! I couldn't read it all!
  • So, what's the role of Lambda here? It seems like the universal process thingy - like AppleScript, bash scripts, etc. for each part: if you need/want to add some customization to each thing, put a Lambda on it.
  • What's the argument against just going full Amazon, in the same way you'd go full .Net, etc.? Is it cost? Lockin? Performance (people always talk about Amazon being kind of flakey at times - but what isn't flakey, your in-house run IT? Come on.)

BONUS LINKS! Not covered in episode.

Docker for AWS

Time to Break up Amazon?

HPE Discover, all about the "Hybrid Cloud"

How Google is Challenging AWS


Outro: "I need my minutes," Soul Position.