2017 Predictions: cloud, containers, AI

Episode 84 · December 21st, 2016 · 1 hr 7 mins

About this Episode

After speculating on GitHub’s business we throw out our 2017 predictions. We cover AWS, containers, AI, and government IT. Since holiday family time is coming up, Brandon also suggests some simple family IT help-desk tasks - like backup - and throws out the stretch goal of discussing 2FA at the dinner table.


  • Coté: Come see me January 10th in Phoenix, 5:30pm at the Galvanize Office. Free parking!
  • Coté: Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.9 is out. It adds in Google Cloud & Azure support, so you’re all multi-cloud ready; it will run 250,000 containers concurrently; you can now auto-scale on based on new metrics like HTTP Latency and HTTP Throughput, so when your app seems slow to users, the platform kicks in to make it go faster (previously, CPU; Spring Boot developers will see handy diagnostics info about their apps with new Actuator (diagnostic thing) integrations; devs can use PCF to run “tasks” (one time processes); and, of course, a slew of security updates are bundled in. Go to cote.io/pcf19 to check out my highlights and see a link to a longer, more detailed post.

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Show Notes


  • Bloomberg cover their recent year.
  • ...losing $66 million so far for 2016 - what would GitHub be spending that on? Did some upload a lot of JPGs to their repo?
  • 'Sitting in a conference room featuring an abstract art piece on the wall and a Mad Men-style rollaway bar cart in the corner, GitHub’s Chris Wanstrath says the business is running more smoothly now and growing. “What happened to 2015?” says the 31-year-old co-founder and chief executive officer. “Nothing was getting done, maybe? I shouldn’t say that. Strike that."'
  • “Secular” growth.

Brandon's Predictions

  • Growth on the Edge, presentation (from a16z GP Peter Levine) - the end of cloud computing and the return to the edge.


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