The Janitor Strategy for Developer-led Sales, also, The School of the Philosophy of Rocks and Time

Episode 349 · March 18th, 2022 · 1 hr 7 mins

About this Episode

This week, Coté and Matt define three sales model for doing developer-led sales. Also, we know that clown fish are optional, but do rocks need to exist?

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Mood Board:

  • How many of you watch streaming?
  • hotdogheadexplosion37 - “I’m your host, exploding hotdog.”
  • hotdogheadexplosion37 solves agile financing problems.
  • I’m your host, ExplodingHotDogMan
  • What if rocks didn’t exist?
  • I didn’t take “Philosophy of Rocks 101 in college, but I did take hydrobiology 379.”
  • This is what happens when Brandon’s not here
  • Legal week
  • B to D sales
  • The Janitorial Sales Model - vendor creates mess, drives uncontrolled/ungoverned/decentralized viral spread.
  • The Mary Poppins Model
  • Graffiti Proof Paint Model


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