Self quarantining with half-baked bread

Episode 222 · March 13th, 2020 · 1 hr 4 mins

About this Episode

Self quarantining with half-baked bread

Most of our time is spent discussing the joys of eating half-baked bread. We also discuss what a Tanzu is, kubernetes konspiracy theories, and Oxide the new private cloud hardware startup...wait, wut? Hey! Spring Live next week, March 19th starting at 9am California-time - 24 hours! Attend!

Mood Board:

  • Fresh Bread Talk
  • I’ve mentioned this before
  • You’re suppose to listen
  • Hamthrax?
  • A tall glass of ice-tea.
  • The most Dutch thing ever.
  • Half-baked bread.
  • American’s tea innovation lead.
  • Strong opinions loosely held is canceled.

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  • Brandon: Save money and buy a subscription to NY Times via gift certificate for yourself.
  • Coté: treat yourself with a black Uber. Scott on Pivot as strong opinions loosely held.