How to turn $2bn into $5bn

Episode 221 · March 5th, 2020 · 1 hr 14 mins

About this Episode

Coté probably messed up his math on the Thoma Bravo profit from Compuware. Maybe it's more like $5bn. But, obviously, he's just farting around with incomplete information. He apologies and will sit in the corner for awhile. For entertainment only!

With the virus shutting down conferences and keeping people in the home office, we discuss the value of in-person conferences and how remote ones might could be better. Also, GKE’s kubernetes cluster pricing (and Amazon’s drop to match the price) gives us an anchoring point for pricing running a cluster. Coupled with the recent CNCF survey you could make an interesting stew. Finally, Coté tries to run some numbers to figure out how much Thoma Bravo profited from taking Compuware private. (Also, he always mispronounces it as Thom-oh Bravo.)

Hey! If you want to understand VMware’s new strategy and portfolio around application development, tune into the March 10th webinar on the topic: register now!

Mood Board:

  • The Hello Boss episode.
  • You mean I gave my kids a lecture all for nothing?
  • Shit the living room door.
  • Espresso macchiato.
  • Blue bonnet coffee.
  • What am I missing out on?
  • Sitting, trapped in your head.
  • I’m hoping we realize no one needs to be working.
  • Why blockchain is important for corn
  • Containers and the mainframes,
  • Too unqualified to speculate?
  • This post-conference era
  • You can’t do your dishes in the office
  • Those poor developers: having to pay for things!
  • $879/year per cluster helps someone keep their job.
  • It’s always Monte Carlo simulations with you
  • So adult.
  • I’m trying Matt Ray.
  • We IPO’d because we were running out of money, what a time to be alive.
  • This week’s white guys talking about white guys.

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