Speaking of nachos, more earnings this week. Plus, identity theft.

Episode 190 · August 3rd, 2019 · 1 hr 2 mins

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Speaking of nachos, more earnings this week. Plus, identity theft.

There’s a clutch of data breaches this week and Coté finally learns why this is bad. Also, monitoring company IPOs, nachos, and the eating management and the terrors of European fry condiment management.

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  • I’m making my way to the microphone. The only way I know how.
  • We need to start a YouTube channel where we do webinar reactions.
  • We got some cool stuff to talk about with this latest breach.
  • I just wanted a meal and now I have a problem to solve.
  • I think I have some swamp stuff in Europe for the geographic oddity section.
  • That’s my problem, I don’t like fun.
  • Back to nachos
  • The nacho of nachos
  • Speaking of nachos, more earnings this week.
  • The nonsense was the logs, not the log reader.
  • Unnonsense your nonsense.
  • Cause lawyers get paid.
  • No time for the infinite scrolling ban.
  • He had an affinity for green glass.

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  • Italy had a swamps that were drained: “The road proved difficult to keep above water. Under Augustus, a compromise was reached with the construction of a parallel canal. The part of the marsh above sea level was successfully drained by channels, and new agricultural land of legendary fertility came into being. Whenever the channels were not maintained, the swamp reappeared. Meanwhile, frequent epidemics of malaria at Rome and elsewhere kept the reclamation issue alive. Under Benito Mussolini's regime in the 1930s, the problem was nearly solved by placing dikes and pumping out that portion of the marsh below sea level. It continues to need constant maintenance. Italian confidence in the project was so high, the city placed by Mussolini in 1932 in the center of the marsh, Latina, became the capital of a new province, Latina.”
  • There were German colonies - mostly in Africa.

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Outro: The Usual Suspects.