There wasn’t a sign that said I was in a drum circle zone

Episode 181 · June 3rd, 2019 · 1 hr 18 mins

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You can now pay open source developers directly, well, those in the closed beta. Seems like a good idea, really. Also, the Commonwealth and Friends club doesn’t like Huawei, and thought lords can be bores.

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  • What kind of hippy were you, Coté?
  • Any whistles?
  • Low-tech rave.
  • 3 slides in Guam.
  • Thought-acting.
  • New hire announcements need to be auto-deleted.
  • Not for you.
  • I can assure you conference organizers… I am not polished.
  • YAML for good.
  • No YAML for payment.
  • It’s going to be more than $10,000 for LDAP.
  • Can’t tell if I like American Gods, but I keep reading/watching it.
  • German crossbow guys, aka, crossbow bolt cult in Germany.
  • A crossbow only does d4 of damage.
  • Every time I log into Skype there's an upgrade.
  • British people totally into yelling at their kids.

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Cover-art: "Third Beach Drum Circle," from Kyle Pearce.
Outro: spitting out lyrics with Courtney Barnett’s “Nameless, Faceless.”