“I didn’t choose the Immortan Joe life-style, it chose me.”

Episode 137 · June 1st, 2018 · 48 mins 11 secs

About this Episode

There’s a new IaaS magic quadrant out that we finally take a look at. Plus, with some nerd-fighting in the kubernetes world, we discuss the point of all these blinking cursors.

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Follow up

  • Did Matt watch The Tick? (Spoiler alert: no.)

Relevant to your interests

  • BA now part of TSA Pre. Can show up later for that AUS→LHR flight. It’s hard to find where to enter this: on individual flights?
  • Annual Meeker Slide Fest: recording, slides.
  • Cloud is a six-horse race, and three of those have been lapped
  • State Of The Kubernetes Ecosystem
  • Kubernetes won - so now what?
  • Google Cloud Platform breaks into leader category in Gartner's Magic Quadrant. The Full Gartner MQ. Register coverage.
  • IDC survey on digital transformation says organizations are motivated to get more “productivity” and be more competitive, among other survey findings. And, as always, “the biggest barriers are people oriented.” Get the Infor sponsored PDF if you’re into this kind of thing.
  • Infrastructure software is back! Also, Amazon’s DB has huge growth.
  • “Full Life-cycle Developers” at Netflix
    • Like SRE, but “platform ops.”
    • Which is to say, something like, “shallow DevOps.”
    • “Netflix created centralized teams (e.g., Cloud Platform, Performance & Reliability Engineering, Engineering Tools) with the mission of developing common tooling and infrastructure to solve problems that every development team has. Empowered with these tools in hand, development teams can focus on solving problems within their specific product domain.”
    • “As additional tooling needs arise, centralized teams assess whether the needs are common across multiple dev teams. When they are, collaborations ensue. Sometimes these local needs are too specific to warrant centralized investment. In that case the development team decides if their need is important enough for them to solve on their own.”
    • “we arrived at a model where a development team, equipped with amazing developer productivity tools, is responsible for the full software life cycle: design, development, test, deploy, operate, and support”…but not the infrastructure, common middleware and services, and “platform” that they run on. Just like SRE, eh? Which the post says.
    • Use of the roads seems optional, and sometimes challenging to recruit for: ‘Netflix has a “paved road” set of tools and practices that are formally supported by centralized teams. We don’t mandate adoption of those paved roads but encourage adoption by ensuring that development and operations using those technologies is a far better experience than not using them. The downside of our approach is that the ideal of “every team using every feature in every tool for their most important needs” is near impossible to achieve. Realizing the returns on investment for our centralized teams’ solutions requires effort, alignment, and ongoing adaptations.’
    • Coté had dinner with Netflix tools engineer many years ago where they described exactly this.
    • Question: what exactly is DevOps (now) anyways? Is it too expansive to be useful as a phrase, and instead a buffet of thought technologies?
  • BMC changes PE hands:
    • Brenon@451: “Terms of the BMC secondary weren't released. However, early reports indicated that the price paid by the syndicate for BMC and the price received for BMC [$6.9bn five years ago] weren't radically different.”
    • Same: “the software vendor that says it posts revenue of $2bn each year.”
    • The reporters are like “I got no idea what the fuck these people do”: “Houston-based BMC builds various types of software solutions for businesses looking to manage and streamline their information.”
    • “BMC has about 6,000 employees in 30 countries, according to its website.”
    • “BMC has more than $5 billion in debt outstanding, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.”
  • Annual Meeker Slide Fest: recording, slides. Reports that the decks are getting more concise.

Kubernetes Korner

  • PodCTL #37 covers Helm and other deployment schemes - Very responsible Coté hasn’t listened to it yet.
  • Nerd fight on forking:
    • Asay: “Enterprises want stuff that works. As much as we in the open source world chatter and fret about vendor lockin, enterprises have demonstrated a remarkable ability to shrug off that concern and buy deeply into Microsoft, Oracle, and, yes, Red Hat’s OpenShift.”
    • Question: how close are we to going OpenStack on all this? Is that even a helpful question, or just trolling?
  • “Kubernetes has, in fact, already lost the war to serverless,” James Governor.
  • By the time you hear this, Coté will have finally given a Kubernetes talk.
  • The State Of The Kubernetes Ecosystem:
    • Overview of all the (vendor) players.
    • “A Forrester study found that 66% of organizations who adopted containers experienced accelerated developers efficiency, while 75% of companies achieved a moderate to significant increase in application deployment speed.”
    • “According to predictions from 451 Research, the market is set to grow from $762 million in 2016 to $2.7 billion by 2020”

Important nonsense

Listener Feedback

  • Gabriel from Puerto Rico got a sticker
  • Daniel had a sticker sent all they way to South Austin

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