That time Matt didn’t eat for 24 hours, or, #chefconf 2018

Episode 136 · May 25th, 2018 · 58 mins 31 secs

About this Episode

“Packaging,” let’s talk about it - still your beating heart, dear listeners! We discuss the news, eats, and entertainment from ChefConf and then dip into the news from the OpenStack summit. As we meander between those two we also talk about kubernetes Helm, packaging, and how Docker is (they say) going to save you $50m in computer costs.

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OpenStack Summit

  • So, it’s still NFV heavy with existing enterprise deploys? Plus, Mirantis us pushing for a CI/CD focus?
  • Haven’t read the survey yet.
  • Brief Register coverage: VMwware updates, AT&T and others donate some code, Solarwinds adds in some more support.
  • VMware likes NFV: ‘VMware is targeting the telecom industry with this release. Gabriele Di Piazza, VMware Telco NFV Business Unit's VP of products and solutions, said in a statement, "VMware Integrated OpenStack 5 will enable customers to achieve the massive scale required to power Telco and private clouds globally, and address NFV and edge computing use cases as telecom networks evolve towards 5G."’
  • Shuttleworth gonna Shuttleworth: “If you want OpenStack and Kubernetes support with vendor independence at a low price, Canonical is your company. If you prefer a partner, which offers a soup-to-nuts stack, but at a higher price, look to Red Hat. And, of course, if you're already wedded to VMware, you've made your choice. There's room for all these approaches to the 21st century cloud and containers.”
  • Over on TechCrunch, in his layup, Frederic Lardinois paints a picture of the current Story of OpenStack.
    • “That current state produces fewer flashy headlines, but every survey, both from the Foundation itself and third-party analysts, show that the number of users — and their OpenStack clouds — continues to grow.”
    • Mirantis, after $200m in funding, refocusing(?) on CI/CD with Spinnaker support, “shrunk from almost 1,000 employees to 450 today, but as Mirantis CEO and co-founder Boris Renski told me, it’s now cash-flow positive.”
    • Boris: “I think that Spinnaker should become part of the Foundation. That’s the opportunity and I think it should focus 150 percent of their energy on that before it builds its own thing and before [Spinnaker] goes off to the CNCF as yet another project.”
  • Caroline Donnelly covers the quest to become a more general foundation for infrastructure stuff, started in 2015 with “The Big Tent” positioning.
  • Side-note: Donnely’s and Lardinois’s articles are good example of doing good tech journalism (I mean, I always like more charts and TAM’s, but they don’t really do that over art Oath - could have also gotten a paragraph of “the kubernetes threat” backed up by usage momentum surveys - but, hey! - pretty good all around.).

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