Confularity at Kublecon

Episode 115 · December 13th, 2017 · 49 mins 55 secs

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We finally get to the bottom of what this kubernetes thing is and is not, thanks to guest co-host, Andrew Clay Shafer. There is no co-host shortage.

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This week In k8s - Confularity at Kublecon

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  • You’re not doing agile - Coté’s Christmas bonus column.
  • Whole bunch of SpringOne Platform videos being posted - hey, obviously there’s some hustle, but it’s rich in actual case studies and enterprises talking about how they figured out sucking less.
  • Related: receipts considered stupid - Matt gets tremendous eye rolls from everywhere outside the US when it asks for a signature
  • Planview buys LeanKit.
  • Why do I keep seeing “quantum computing” everywhere. Shouldn’t we figure out “computing” first?
  • Update on Dell financials: "You look at our balance sheet, you see $18 billion in cash and investments. We paid down to close $10 billion since the combination with EMC and VMware. For the third quarter, we had $19.6 billion in revenue and $2.3 billion in EBITDA.”

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