SpringOne, talking with analysts, in-browser IDEs, & dressing for SF HA-HA-BUSINESS meetings

Episode 114 · December 6th, 2017 · 1 hr 3 mins

About this Episode

It’s SpringOne Platform this week so Coté reports on the Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.0 announcements, shipping Pivotal’s kubernetes offering, serverless, and more. We also cover the left-over news from re:Invent. We also cover clothing options for San Francisco.

Pre-Roll SDT News

SpringOne Platform - Pivotal News

New Marketecture

AWS re:Invent, day 2

  • Daniel Bryant’s (InfoQ) overview of everything.
  • Alexa for Business
    • “Alexia! Fix multi-organization meeting scheduling!”
    • Watson-lite?
    • There’s a dangerous step infrastructure companies try to make into collab, often. It usually doesn’t work (cf. VMware Project Octopus circa 2011 and the related stuff) but, good luck storming the castle!
  • AWS CTO Defines Well-Architected Cloud Security Best Practices “He noted that at AWS, security will always be his group's number one investment area.” (well, for one, what’s “his group,” for second, I’m guessing they’ll always be spending more on hardware, real-estate, and electricity than the team of people coding group security.)
  • Cloud9 IDE stuff:
    • Also from Thomas Claburn at El Reg, interesting angle on cost: "Used eight hours a day, it would cost about $48.80 per month on a Linux m4.xlarge instance (4 vCPUs, 16GiB memory) or $5.62 on a less well provisioned t2.small instance. (1 vCPU, 2GiB memory).”
    • “remote pair-programming features”

This Week in Kubernetes

Mid-roll SolarWinds Ad

This is the last run, so get in there now or you’ll miss your chance to check out SolarWinds Cloud…and get that snazy t-shirt.

This episode is sponsored by SolarWinds Cloud, which just launched AppOptics during AWS re:Invent. In addition to the new converged application tracing and infrastructure monitoring platform, SolarWinds also released significant updates to Papertrail and Pingdom. Together they take a big step forward in advancing its strategy to unify full-stack monitoring across the three pillars of observability on a common SaaS-based platform.

And in case you didn’t make it to Las Vegas, you can still check out AppOptics and get your free launch t-shirt. Just go to www.solarwinds.com/sdt, sign up and be sure to check the details at the bottom.