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Episode 113 · December 1st, 2017 · 59 mins 26 secs

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There’s no clever title this week, just straight to the point of covering the highlights of AWS re:Invent this week. They got the kubernetes now! There’s a passel of releases as well. We also discuss some other news like Meg Whitman leaving HPE (on good standing), net neutrality, WeWork buying Meetup, and Arby’s. For reals!

Pre-Roll SDT News

Misc. news before re:Invent coverage

AWS re:Invent

  • AWS Business Update
    • Amazon Web Services has an $18 billion revenue run rate and the business is growing 42 percent year over year
  • New AWS Services (100+ new total)
    • Loosely break into themes of Containers, Databases, AI/ML, and IOT
    • Amazon MQ - Apache ActiveMQ as a Service (lunches eaten?)
    • AppSync - GraphQL as a Service (lunches eaten?)
    • Aurora Serverless - burst database consumption
    • Comprehend - Natural Language Processing across 98 languages
    • DeepLens - video camera with AI embedded
    • DynamoDB Global - similar to Azure/Google initiatives
    • EC2 Bare Metal Instances - lots of competitors try to differentiate on this (lunches eaten?)
      • came out of the VMware work
      • i3.metal instance types
      • c5 AMIs can work too (new KVM-based instance type)
    • EC2 Instance types, up to 25Gbps networking
    • Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) - called it!
      • upstream K8s
      • automatically runs K8s with three masters across three AZs
      • monitoring/healthchecks built in, managed service
    • Fargate - Containers on demand, no host/orchestrator needed
      • similar to Azure Container Instances
      • apparently Google has App Engine Flexible which is similar (thanks JP!)
    • So, Matt: why would I use EKS instead of Fargate, etc.? Another write-up.
    • FreeRTOS - AWS bought(?) existing open source IoT operating system vendor
    • Glacier/S3 Select - run SQL-like queries against your buckets and storage (CSV & JSON)
    • GuardDuty - continuous security monitoring & threat detection (lunches eaten?)
    • IoT Analytics - MQTT processing, reporting & storage
    • IoT Device Defender - reporting, alerting & mitigation of existing IoT fleets
    • IoT Device Management - lifecycle, management & monitoring of IoT devices
    • Kinesis Video Streams - video ingestion/processing service
    • Media Services - YouTube as a Service, including monetization. Seems there should be an embeddable player somewhere.
    • Neptune - managed graph database service (lunches eaten?)
    • Rekognition Video - Rekognition now does video
    • SageMaker - framework for building AI services
    • Sumerian - VR/AR/3D IDE and platform?
    • Systems Manager - custom dashboards based off of tags, ties into AWS system management tools
    • Time Sync Service - AWS NTP
    • Translate - Google & MS already have this
    • Transcribe - speech recognition, we should use this!
  • More: The New Stack, The Register.
  • This kind of over-the-top analysis is kinda our thing. BACK OFF, MAN!
  • AWS Strategy Update
    • On Hybrid Cloud: “In the fullness of time — I don’t know if it’s five, 10 or 15 years out — relatively few companies will own their own data centers. Those that do will have a much smaller footprint. It will be a transition and it won’t happen overnight.” Link
    • More: ‘Is Multi-Cloud Real?: “We certainly get asked about it a lot. Most enterprises, when they think about a plan for moving to the cloud, they think they will distribute workloads across a couple of cloud providers. But few actually make that decision because you have to standardize on lowest common denominator when you go multi-cloud. AWS is so far ahead and you don’t want to handicap developer teams. Asking developers to be fluent in multiple cloud platforms is a lot. And all the cloud providers have volume discounts. If you split workloads across multi-cloud, you’re diminishing those discounts. In practice, companies pick a predominate cloud provider for their workloads. And they may have a secondary cloud provider just in case they want to switch providers.’

AWS re:Invent Preview Review

✔SaaS lunches will be eaten?
✔Amazon Kubernetes Service?

This Week in Kubernetes



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  • Matt’s (not) on the Road! Taking it off for the Holidays.