Snap's cloud billions, Google's social, Monitoring Startups considered hard, DHS wants your passwords

Episode 87 · February 11th, 2017 · 59 mins 11 secs

About this Episode

Snap is looking to spend billions on AWS and Google Cloud over the next five years. We talk about what exactly that could be for, then check in with Google's social strategy and thermostat strategies; meanwhile, the America Fuck Yeah crew wants to start gathering passwords at the boarder. Also, Brandon lays out the case that an open-core monitoring startup is a hard row to hoe.

Also, Baltimore is not in Maine. (But Coté is pretty sure it actually is.)


SnapChat's S-1

  • The S1
  • "We had 158 million Daily Active Users on average in the quarter ended December 31, 2016"
  • "We have committed to spend $2 billion with Google Cloud over the next five years." - perhaps 10% of their billing.
  • Also: "Snap will spend $1 billion on AWS through 2021."
  • Coté Show interview with former cloud boy, JJ.

The McLaughlin Group covers Google: What's up with them!


Thing to get angry about this week

  • DHS considering asking foreigners for passwords
  • I mean, really? A criminal is just gonna let you see their stuff? They'll just delete it, set up fake accounts, etc.
  • It's not like popping the trunk for a thief and finding lock picks and guns in the boot: with digital crime tools and weapons, you can hide and subterfuge.
  • And then the only people getting harmed are innocent people.
  • What the fuck is wrong with these people, and more importantly the shit-for brains who voted for them? (How can we de-shit those brains for 2018?)
  • Tweet about 3D chess of this meaning the government can't hack into your stuff...or can they?!?!

CNCF Buys RethinkDB's Code and Donates to the Linux Foundation

$2.5 million VC for Sensu!

BONUS LINKS! Not covered in episode

Microsoft does Azure Patent Indemnification

  • "The system is supposed to help ease the transition to the cloud by giving companies extra peace of mind. Right now, lawsuits over intellectual property relating to open source technology in the cloud are rare" Link
  • "those companies operating in a multi-cloud configuration won't be entirely covered"

Attempting to Categorize the Cloud Native Landscape

Cloud Displacing Intel's Enterprise Sales

  • "Tectonic shifts in the pattern of Intel's business show the devastating speed at which cloud is displacing traditional enterprise server sales" Link

Slack Enterprise Grid should make user management easier

Uber Steers Away from Trump

  • "More than 200,000 customers had deleted their accounts." (Link)
  • "Many employees were not satisfied with his answer. On Wednesday, Uber staff members followed up by circulating a 25-page Google document titled "Letters to Travis" to tell the chief executive how and why his willingness to engage with the administration had affected them."

Puppet adds two vice presidents, hiring from Hewlett-Packard and EMC

  • "Puppet replaced nearly its entire executive team in 2016, including its chief executive and chief financial officers. It hired six vice presidents last year." (Link)

Rackspace lays off 6%

Other thing to get worked up about: eliminating remote work

  • IBM on that colo shit
  • Brandon is safe! (He lives in Austin.)
  • Coté: I won't deny that working in smelling range is the best. But, the gains never feel like enough to enforce it. Plus, mega-city congestion and resulting classist systems, cf. The Wealth of Humans. It's a problem that should be solved, not embraced.