The case for flying Southwest and Oracle buying Dyn, and containers

Episode 80 · November 29th, 2016 · 45 mins 37 secs

About this Episode

With all the domestic, direct flight, the gang lays out the case for Southwest. Coté salivates at the prospect but is worried about sitting next to chicken cages, but there's plenty of $500 shoe sales people on board. We also discuss Oracle buying Dyn, AWS's power, the looming cloud success of Microsoft, and, of course, containers.

Octogenarian style: It’s episode 80! The Brittle Bones Anniversary.

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Oracle Buys Dyn

Sorry Oracle, Taking Down AWS is Alibaba’s Job

Microsoft Joins the Linux Foundation - we’re beyond the cats and dogs mirror!

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Recent Coté Nonsense

Red Hat wants to make Kubernetes boring (and successful)

  • They’ve certainly made OpenStack boring (zing!)
  • “Not that Red Hat is calling Kubernetes "boring." Instead, they're calling it "Enterprise-Ready," which is basically the same thing.”
  • I dig that Matt Asay style. Dude knows how to pick a quick topic.

The End of General Purpose Computing

Apple Drops AirPort Routers

Trump vs. Tech

MacOS Security and Privacy Guide

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