Istio-washing, 20 domain names, .docx

Episode 246 · July 11th, 2020 · 1 hr 2 mins

About this Episode

We discuss: the trademark moves of Google; open source skullduggery; why Slack has the upper-hand on Teams…or not?; and Coté’s growing love of .docx files.

Mood board:

  • I read a lot of Wikipedia when I should be working
  • After all this, time people probably think that whatever you’re doing is “working.”
  • Did you respond with an emoji thumbs-up?
  • I read the email. Thought about it for a few hours. Then thought “I’m just going to archive that email.”
  • He’s big in the Angular community - works all the angels.
  • Little components that talk with each other over the network. Gotta do a whole bunch of shit for that.
  • You don’t sue people who are using it if you want them to use it.
  • Service mesh is Greek for “service mesh.”
  • Lady Cathemhouse’s Rules.
  • Chekhov’s Trademark.
  • Couple thousand stores.
  • …and maybe integrate with their Active Directory.
  • “Federated Slacks.”
  • I think I like the Word file.
  • No one can poop all over your stuff in a way that you forgot what it looked like when it was clean.
  • De-headwind yourself from the COVID.
  • I’m mad about The Edit by Default.
  • I can’t find my tongs, they’ve gone somewhere.
  • I wouldn’t say that I’d recommend it, I’m just saying I enjoy it.

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