Ask more questions, send more one line emails

Episode 241 · June 19th, 2020 · 1 hr 7 mins

About this Episode

Can email ever be fixed, or is GMail good enough? We discuss. Plus, Coté complains about how he should probably start asking more questions instead of answering them at length. Also, we don’t know what a “digestive” is and do not recommend the Mexican bakery pastries.

Mood board:

  • I’m perfectly willing to burn my own time on boondoggles.
  • I introduced my kids to King of the Hill yesterday - they did not like it. Or Beavis and Butthead, or South Park.
  • How many instructions are in the ARM chip?
  • Are we gonna start the show?
  • That looks boring.
  • What is a biscuit in Australia? A hazy space between crackers and cookies.
  • More sugar than a Ritz
  • It’s a medical grade cookie.
  • The Mexican Bakery Trap.
  • Just get the tacos.
  • Hey!
  • I’ve got 500 email addresses, how am I supposed to disappear?
  • I think there’s like, 12, 13 calendars on my Mac.
  • We got to the bottom of HEY!
  • Marketing Oblique Strategies.
  • The Seth Godin problem.
  • The Purple Moo.
  • Welcome to the Halo Effect.
  • For your 6 to 50 page strategy memo, email me at
  • You didn’t make a TV show that people wanted to watch.

The Rundown

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Listener Feedback

  • Sent to stickers to Robert in the U.K. He tell us big data is happening in the UK were retailer was able to save millions by using big data to optimize when they stock their shelves.
  • Sent stickers to Daniel in Vancouver. He tell us he loves the show.


SDT moment of bureaucracy


Outro: Ice-cream and Chips.