The 10 pillar strategy

Episode 201 · October 18th, 2019 · 1 hr 18 mins

About this Episode

"This week there has been a lot of confusion on social media” around MeetUp charging more, along with the launch of a rival service at LinkedIn. Yeah, we get deep into LinkedIn talk! Then we discuss into what exactly a GitLab is.

Mood board:

  • Hard to come down on a definitive opinion on carrots.
  • We can educate Coté.
  • Learning from each other, the more you know!
  • There’s a lot of kube shit.
  • Non-subjugating windows.
  • Anyone can do a hyphen, you have to go out of your way to do an em-dash.
  • What’s a ‘fixie’?
  • You’re probably using the Twitter webpage and following the “Suggested Follows.”
  • There have been reports in social media.
  • It’s the chaos monkey for business models.
  • We can Armchair Product Management this thing.
  • I've been asked if crocodiles are considered "pescatarian-friendly."
  • It’s kind of like the yaml version of the Rational dream.
  • The whole rest of the world was putting together best of breed tools.
  • If you say so, Grammerly.
  • “Monty-python simulation”
  • Stay out of the room Mr. AI!
  • It’s paper size A-somebullshit.
  • We’re puttin’ the Plan column back on!
  • Space carpets.

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