Drink your own dog food

Episode 185 · July 1st, 2019 · 1 hr 12 mins

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Drink your own dog food

No matter the searing product strategy insight, ops is always left holding the bag. With few exceptions (like NSX), infrastructure software has to be free and easy to check out and even use. All product management and strategy decisions flow from that. Usually. Except when they don’t. Also, developers don’t pay for anything, they trick ops into it. Maybe that’ll change in public cloud land, but who knows?

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  • Dark green smoothies.
  • Immediate value.
  • Gotta schedule a phone call to optimize phone calls.
  • A light under a bushel.
  • Free bread crumbs to the public cloud oven.
  • Don't feel ashamed, everywhere else is fucked too, cf. Lean accounting.
  • OpenShift too expensive, but no one actually checked the price.
  • Slit your wrists with a business card.
  • “DJ Pull Request.”
  • Brandon’s organic trash matter.
  • Kim did no approve this wallet.

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Listener Feedback

  • Charles from Greensboro, NC sent in some SDT theme music so we sent him stickers.
  • Troy from San Mateo got some stickers this week.

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