The 2018 State of DevOps Report, a gander

Episode 146 · September 6th, 2018 · 59 mins 34 secs

About this Episode

This year’s DevOps Report, as always, great. The new sections on culture and a peek at finance are dandy. We discuss it.

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Conferences, et. al.

Listener Feedback

  • Rob from slack tells how to pronounce Galway. Bryan wants you to know about DevOps Days Galway November 18-20th
  • We are working on the Google Chrome Security thing. Actually, is working on it.

SDT news & hype


  • Brandon: Ozark Season 2.
  • Matt: StarCraft 2, free to play! (Not to be confused with StarControl.)
  • Coté: Embedded Netflix, in your TV. Also: Sharp Objects - like all great shows, the end is a massive disappointment of Chekhovian-ease, but the rest is great. Anti-recommendation: whatever reasons make it so I have three remotes.