I’m getting Kubernetes Stockholm syndrome

Episode 109 · October 20th, 2017 · 51 mins 16 secs

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Docker’s now into kubernetes, being the last major vendor outside of Amazon to latch the orchestration framework into its strategy. Yup, as usual, it’s pretty much just kubernetes business yappin’.

This week’s exegesis

We’ll be looking at The Four this week in the exegesis podcast. Coté is vacillating between upset and ¯_(ツ)_/¯

$1 Class-action settlements

  • Got my Apple iBooks pay-day!
  • It was $1.14.
  • For $1.14, I don’t think any sort of crime was committed. Coffee costs triple that (double if you shop around). Sounds like a big waste of time and money.
  • Did I ever tell you about that refund gift card from T-Mobile I got? For 3 cents? What the fuck I do with that?

Soon we’ll all bow to kubernetes

  • Docker adds in support, official web-page with burger and brief value-props, and over at The New Stack.
  • Now we can all just start The Battle of Death by a Thousand Value-props. E.g., hittin’ up that security angle hard-core, talking about easily migrate-n-save for existing apps.
  • Dave Bartoletti, Forrester: ‘said it's clear that Kubernetes has won at the orchestration layer. "There's too much mindshare around it," he said in a phone interview with The Register. "There are too many developers who just want this.”’…”Bartoletti said he expects vendors will try to move up the stack by providing security, integration, workflow, and managed services. He said Docker now will be free to focus on trying to be the best container platform for enterprises.”
  • Looks like Bartoletti was the analyst sent around, he shows up in other coverage.
  • Derrick Harris’s take: “The problem is that it’s difficult to make enterprise sales when users want open source at the lower layers and to pay (real money, at least) at layers they deem more strategic. If that’s Kubernetes, then Docker either needs to support it commercially, or let someone else take all the revenue from the orchestration layer up while Docker keeps on spending money to keep the free part of the puzzle chugging. By supporting Kubernetes as part of Docker Enterprise, it now can make the argument that nobody understands containers better than Docker does, and there’s now no real reason to not pay for its enterprise version.”
    • We’ve seen 100 percent success rate for applications that meet our criteria across hundreds of Java and .NET applications. Customers are able to see these results in five days or less.
    • “Johnston added that some customers are able to double the release frequency of their software and cut total cost of ownership by 50 percent.”
    • Snoopy on that shit: “MetLife applied this modernization pattern in one day to their Java application. They were able to look across their portfolio and identify 600 other applications that fit this pattern, for a 66 percent savings on total cost of ownership. That nets out to millions of dollars at MetLife. They have over 6,000 applications they want to apply this to.”
  • Meanwhile, earlier this month, more for the whale: “[Docker] has been putting together a $75 million funding round, which would bring the total amount of money raised by the company to $255 million.”

IBM Wins the Cloud

Tech people

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