FIXED! MOLLE all the dongles, DevOps snipe hunting, & Docker (claims it) cuts cost by 50%

Episode 108 · October 12th, 2017 · 59 mins 14 secs

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Has everyone gone kubernetes crazy? It seems like most buyers and sellers at least want it as an option and are, if you prefer the word, capitulating to supporting it. In past weeks most all vendors - even Oracle! - have announced support and road-maps for using Google’s container orchestrator in their cloud-native stacks. Also, Chef and Puppet have new suites of tools, Docker sets its sites clearly on reducing VMware costs, and there’s some new momentum stats on the Cloud Foundry ecosystem.

Do people actually do the DEV-ops?

Chef launches Habitat Builder SaaS

We all succumbing to the cloud-native, even Oracle

CF Summit EU

  • Round-up press release - mostly more on kubernetes in the Cloud Foundry world. Some Istio mentioning, adding legitimacy to that effort; see Istio discussion in episode #96.
  • James “my flight got canceled” Governor coverage:
    • “enterprises now account for more than 40% of Cloud Foundry’s membership”
    • “Kubernetes too is seeing plenty of tyre kicking, but nowhere near the level of enterprise commitment [to Cloud Foundry] at this point.”
    • “54% of Cloud Foundry target Amazon Web Services as a platform, that 40% of users are targeting VMware vSphere certainly [i]s” - I assume this is across all distros and OSS, which makes sense. In Pivotal land, it’s mostly on on-premises VMware, last I checked.
  • Habitat and Cloud Foundry

Programming Languages and Code Quality

  • Large-scale overview of GitHub projects, their languages and their bug reports
  • “The data indicates that functional languages are better than procedural languages; it suggests that disallowing implicit type conversion is better than allowing it; that static typing is better than dynamic; and that managed memory usage is better than unmanaged. Further, that the defect proneness of languages in general is not associated with software domains.”

Docker as a cost-cutter

  • Their CEO says you can slash costs by 50%.
  • Meg Whitman says it’s more like 40%.
  • But partners make $7 off of every $1 of Docker spend - does that math work? Scenario:
    • I used to pay $2 for VMware, now I pay $1 for Docker (50% reduction).
    • But it costs me $7 to get there, giving me a one time payment of net $8, and, hopefully, just $1 a year after that? (Never mind opex vs. capex GAAP-crap.)
    • So, then: after 4+ years I’ll start saving money? (with VMware, I would have paid $2/yr., so $8 total, and with Docker over that four year period I pay $8 first year, $1 next three years, so $11 total - hrmm..where’s Excel when you need it?)
  • Follow-up from 2011: so, Docker really is about replacing VMware…?
  • Overall, this interview with Docker’s CEO is good stuff for industry watchers. It didn’t occur to Coté that the former CEO of Concur would know, like, every single CFO and CEO at G2000 companies.

BONUS LINKS! Not covered in show.

Microsoft Ignite News


Gartner Says Worldwide IaaS Public Cloud Services Market Grew 31 Percent in 2016

MongoDB Going Public


Meta, follow-up, etc.

  • Patreon - like anyone who starts these things, I have no idea WTF it is, if it’s a good idea, or if I should be ashamed. Need some product/market fit.
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  • Daniel Barker sent me (Brandon) I nice Linkedin Message.
  • Lots of people at DevOpsDays Kansas City and Auckland.