AI is no longer limited by the garbage that is UNIX

Episode 103 · August 17th, 2017 · 57 mins 15 secs

About this Episode

AWS plods on with new capabilities, this time with an AI and enterprise app migration focus, plus, AI: is it actually a thing? We also discuss Microsoft acquiring Cycle Computing and how HPC fits into cloud, also what exactly HPC is and how you measure vibrations passing through a human torso. But most importantly, we’re joined by Andrew Clay Shafer in this episode, standing in for Brandon.

Removing rebel-slaver memorials

You like white papers? We got white papers

  • Four new Pivotal white papers: CI/CD, microservices, PCI (wake up! wake up!), and The Scary Clam (BOSH).
  • We discuss them with the co-author of all of them on this week’s Pivotal Conversations.
  • Also, check out the Members only podcast if you like white papers, which you probably do, because you’re listening to this bullshit.

Amazon Summit NYC

Building out Azure HPC

BONUS LINKS! Not covered in show

Docker raising more cash-money, container land items

Bare-metal, what’s the deal?

Meta, follow-up, etc.

  • Patreon - like anyone who starts these things, I have no idea WTF it is, if it’s a good idea, or if I should be ashamed. Need some product/market fit.
  • Check out the Software Defined Talk Members Only White-Paper Exiguous podcast over there.
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Outro from Angela Rye, on Here & Now, August 16th, 2017.