“I’ve seen The Hot Dog more times this week than 2FA,” or, is The Hot Dog incremental innovation, or disruptive innovation?

Episode 100 · July 20th, 2017 · 1 hr 2 mins

About this Episode

“Which chasm is being leaped by this hot dog app?”

Sniffing out a huge market in hot dog apps, Amazon might start a messaging app. Also, Google has their ant-data gravity device out and Basho seems to be shutting down. We discuss the wonders of Snap’s hot dog app, the mystery of Amazon’s lack(?) of brand allegiance, and giving up on kale.

“Share price down? I gotcha bro.”

Amazon to Start a Messaging App

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  • I get the whole need to control networks, but it seems like we’ve kinda saturated a lot of these (Allo, is this thing on?). Why not just buy Slack? (Wasn’t that a rumor? Could this be that diapers.com-style retaliation.)
  • 80m Prime customers
  • Twitch and “Stimpy.” The pair of people doing Minecraft.
  • @profgalloway
  • Uber driver on Whole Foods acquisition.

Google Transfer Appliance

Rackspace managing Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Google Cloud, etc.

  • Brandon Butler summerizes
  • Techcrunch on the announcement
  • List of core stuff:
    • Management of upgrades, releases, and integration of services.
    • Multiple cloud options with Rackspace managing Pivotal Cloud Foundry across private clouds and Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, OpenStack.
    • Support and service level agreements with 99.99 percent uptime and 15 minute response on emergency issues.
  • PCF services put another way: “...on any public or private cloud as well as on customer-owned infrastructure…. The Managed Pivotal Cloud Foundry solution will feature 24/7 management for troubleshooting, managing updates, feature releases, and integration with various services; multi-cloud capability; and on-demand expertise for handing version updates, feature enhancements and other technical updates.”
  • Check out dem success numbers: “Fortune 500 customers using Pivotal Cloud Foundry to build, deploy, and run their legacy and cloud-native apps have experienced 2,000 percent increase in developer productivity, as well as a 50 percent reduction in IT costs due to platform automation”

Basho Shuts it Down

  • The Reg was obviously keen to put the claims in this story to Basho, but we’ve struggled to find anyone still working at the company to answer us.”
  • Kafka, Casandra - WTF is going on in NoSQL-land, is this shit done yet?
  • Sep. 2016 451 profile:
    • “While open source did not fully disappear, the company's primary focus moved from a support and services model to a subscription-based model. Today, Basho reports that support and services make up 10-12% of total revenue, with subscriptions taking up the rest.”
    • “In 2015 Basho cited more that 200 customers and approximately 120 employees. Basho reports similar numbers this time around, except with a higher average deal size among its customer base. Average deal size is greater than $100,000, with high single-digit-customer deals exceeding $1m in total contract value. From 2014-2015, Basho reported a 50% increase in total contract value, a 45% increase in billings and a 50% increase in growth revenue.”
    • Let’s do math...so...oh wait, left my Monte Carlo simulator in my other car.
    • Products: “While both products share some underlying commonalities, they both address certain use cases. Riak KV is a key-value-based NoSQL database promoted generally to address use cases for content storing of session data, log file data, profile data and chat messaging data, particularly with gaming and gambling applications. Basho points out the product's resiliency and scaling capabilities, with integrations to Spark and Redis. Riak TS, on the other hand, is a database geared toward time-series data, with an emphasis on IoT use cases. Specifically, Riak TS can be used for gathering weather, seismic and traffic data, as well as for financial trading data. Time-series data has more structure, so Basho has added functionality to describe the data schema and the ability to query the data with SQL.”

Coté was on Speaking in Tech

BONUS LINKS! Not covered in show.

CREAM for one

  • Remember When Martin Shkreli Bought the Wu Tang Album?
    • “This wasn’t just calamitous—this was Calamity walking into a bar, sweet-talking Catastrophe, getting really drunk together, smoking some crack, punching Fiasco in the face, then going on a shooting spree while eating orphans and setting fire to kittens.” ## AWS’s private cloud stuff
  • The short pointer-piece also has some mention of VMware partnership for THE HYBRID.
  • Coté doesn’t know anything about VMware.

In-depth Dive into Schedulers

Misc. chuckles

Meta, follow-up, etc.

  • Patreon - like anyone who starts these things, I have no idea WTF it is, if it’s a good idea, or if I should be ashamed. Need some product/market fit.
    • Current status: 8 people, driving $14 a month. TIME TO QUIT OUR JOBS, BOYS!
    • But, more seriously, thanks to the folks who've signed up! It's encouraging.
  • We’ll do our first members only episode. See overly-detailed noted here; it might be giving away too much for free, but you’ll at least get a sense of what we’re doing here.
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