Cloud Rules Everything Around Me - Red Hat, Moby, Docker CEO, and Halo Effect’ing The First Cloud Wars

About This Episode

There's much news in the container world with DockerCon and Red Hat having had conferences, plus Docker gets a new CEO. We also do a hindsight analysis of what wrong with the losers of the Cloud Wars. And, as always, recommendations from the three of us.


Matt Ray’s APAC Biz Travel Fun

  • 5 different airlines in a month.
  • Emirates is the best.
  • This is why we can’t have nice things - American Airlines raises pay.

Red Hat.

Cloud Rules Everything Around Me

  • As summarized by Derrick (via CNBC:
    • AWS brought in $3.66 billion in revenue, which was up 42 percent from last year. However, year-over-year growth dropped from last year’s first quarter.
    • Microsoft’s “Intelligent Cloud” unit, which includes Azure, grew 11 percent, to $6.8 billion. Microsoft doesn’t break out Azure revenue specifically, but said Azure saw a 93 percent increase in revenue over last year.
    • Google Cloud is buried somewhere in “Other Bets” on Alphabet earnings, a segment that grew 50 percent to $3.1 billion.
  • What’s the Halo Effect on this? It’s easy to blame the big vendors for shying away from public cloud but it was some scary shit, business-case wise, back in 2008.
  • Verizon sells cloud stuff to IBM.

Docker is now Moby, wait what?

  • LinuxKit - the host OS, where you run the containers.
  • Moby is recommended for anyone who wants to assemble a container-based system”
  • Moby = open source development
  • Docker CE = free product release based on Moby
  • Docker EE = commercial product release based on Docker EE
  • Moby is the name of the upstream umbrella project supervising the open source pieces that are used to build Docker, which is now the commercial-focused product Docker CE/EE
  • Letter about Mobyan-open-letter-to-docker-about-moby/
  • Moby is Fedora, Docker is like RHEL, Eclipse, Genuitec.
  • Coté’s Notebook on Moby and such
  • Coté's Notebook on Docker's new CEO.

BONUS LINKS! Not covered in show.

EngineYard done!

“Native” Windows Server Support for Docker

  • Link
  • “Linux containers running natively on Windows Server through our Hyper-V isolation technology”

Sysdig Docker Usage Report 2017

  • Link 1
  • Link 2
  • Always fun to read “real” numbers
  • 10 containers/host and Kubernetes out in front

Microsoft and the NSA Exploits Leak

  • Link
  • Patch your servers and run modern versions people.

Amazon’s Coming to Australia

  • Link
  • “The moment Australian retailers have dreaded is here. “

Intel Drops out of OpenStack Innovation Center

  • Link
  • 30 Rackers moving internally, Intel is still participating within OpenStack

Huawei Want to Enter the Cloud Fray

  • Link
  • Everybody wants a piece of AWS

Microsoft buys Deis

Oracle Buys Wercker

  • Link
  • “container lifecycle management” - foundation for a container PaaS if you tie it to the StackEngine acquisition?

How Many Data Centers Needed World-Wide

  • Link
  • Deep cut from James Hamilton, AWS Datacenter guru
  • Re: Oracle “if you assume the big three are spending roughly equally, how can $1.7B compete with more than $10B when it comes to serving customers?”
  • “2+1 redundancy is cheaper than 1+1 and, when there are 3 facilities, a single facility can experience a fault without eliminating all redundancy from the system. Consequently, whenever AWS goes into a new region, it’s usual that three new facilities be opened rather than just one with some racks on different power domains.”
  • “latency is not the prime driver of very large numbers of regions”
  • “being close to population centers and major communications hubs matters to most operators more than cooling costs”

Canonical/Ubuntu priorities

  • Link
  • Dropping Unity desktop and phone stuff in favor of desktop, cloud & IOT

BrickerBot Bricks Unsecured IOT Devices

  • Link
  • “BrickerBot the work of a vigilante?”

OmniTI Shutting Down OmniOS Development

  • Link
  • Open source Solaris-compatible clone
  • “OmniTI will be suspending active development of OmniOS”

Apple makes GarageBand, iMovie and iWork free

  • Link
  • MacOS and IOS!
  • Keynote is the best, why not open source for an attempt at cross-platform?