“Oh! Scurvy! Again.”

Episode 72 · September 16th, 2016 · 1 hr 3 mins

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It's all fundings, divestitures, and acquisitions this week. Hashicorp gets some cash, HPE sells off it's software group to Micro Focus, and Google buys Apigee...plus Twitter acquisition rumors. Plus sentient carpets.

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With Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Coté.

Show Notes

Twitter going to sell:

  • The rumors
  • “I still think Alphabet makes for the most logical acquirer of Twitter”
  • Dark Horse: Apple.
  • Really Dark Horse: IBM.

This Week in Tech PE: HPE Spins off Software

  • They got divested
  • “HPE will be retaining tools that support the company’s cloud and infrastructure businesses but will be spinning off tools for application delivery management, big data, enterprise security, information management, governance and IT operations management.”
  • From what I know of HPE, this seems to be overlapping. I’d love a list of “stays vs. goes”
  • Q3 2017, and you thought Dell/EMC was slow
  • Where does this leave HP? Will they acquire more SW or stay a “systems” company.
  • It makes you realize how “small” their SW group was.
  • Coté’s notebook on this topic.
  • Also, Thoma Bravo says it gets, like, 20-45% returns on assets it takes private.


  • Check out cote.io/promos for more - free books, free cloud time, etc.
  • Lead-gen free webinar with an actual, real customer talking about cloud and Pivotal Cloud Foundry. An analyst and Coté too.
  • Check out my Sep. column over on The Register, about ROI and shit for DevOps. I’m really desperate to answer this “question.” Put on some high-waders and check out the comments, leave some to go spice it up in that asylum.
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Google buying Apigee. The whole API Economy thing.

Hashicorp Gets $24 million B-round

Blogging is dead

  • Coté gets better views/reads in Medium than on his broke-dick blog. (Maybe about 80-100 RSS subscribers.)
  • This makes him sad and confused about what he should do.

BONUS LINKS! Not covered in show

A16Z Not Best of the Best?

  • Clickbait
  • “Thought(sp?) it may fall short of some rivals, the company outperforms the average fund: Overall, its three funds have almost doubled their investment capital since inception.”

What’s Cisco Up To?

  • Our favorite Halo Effect company
  • What’s up with “software defined networking”? I was talking with someone recently and they posited that it’s
  • “dead-as-in-over-cause-all-the-big-cos-won.” Plus NSX does a lot (1,700 customers), right?

Short History of Open Source Forks

Thoughts on Nano Windows Server 2016

Moving from Docker to Rocket