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Episode 461 · April 5th, 2024 · 1 hr 11 secs

About this Episode

This week, we discuss Redis Relicensing, Progress acquiring MariaDB and Microsoft unbundling Teams. Plus, Coté shares his Top 10 Tech and Productivity Wish List for regulators.

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Runner-up Titles

  • The Fork is a feature not a bug
  • Relicensing: The path to Private Equity
  • Is this Progress?
  • Hot Antitrust Action
  • Give it to Switzerland, they can hold our calendars
  • Won’t someone think of the children?
  • Cote’s airing of (Apple) grievances
  • The deepest of pockets
  • Fine-adjacent.
  • Not complicated enough
  • What’s it called when they plateau going down?
  • Frankenstein Grand Theory of Open Source Business Models
  • a large, wide portfolio of things that you’re vaguely aware of
  • Mostly contrast


Cote's Top 10 Tech & Productivity Wishlist for Regulators

  1. Clickable Links in Instagram Captions: Make it easier to direct followers to relevant content.
  2. Unified Social Media: Allow seamless posting across platforms, ideally leveraging Twitter's existing reach.
  3. Native ChatGPT Downloads: Eliminate the need for external plugins to download chat sessions.
  4. Universal Link Insertion Shortcut: Standardize link insertion across apps (Cmd-K for everyone!).
  5. Apple Notes Customization & Integration: Enable background customization and merge with Freeform to challenge GoodNotes' dominance.
  6. Universal Free/Busy Calendar: Facilitate effortless scheduling across platforms.
  7. Standardized Markdown Export: Ensure all major word processors export in a common markdown format (Gruber or Common Markdown).
  8. Granular Screen Time Controls: Empower users with detailed control over device usage.
  9. Regulate Car Rental Insurance Fees: Put a stop to excessive and unfair insurance charges by rental companies.
  10. Bring Back Google Reader! (Okay, this one's a personal plea, but wouldn't it be great?)

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