What’s going on in Chicago?

Episode 402 · February 24th, 2023 · 1 hr 3 mins

About this Episode

This week we take a critical look at DHH’s plan to move HEY! out of the cloud and the 5 values driving the decision. Plus, some thoughts on residential fiber…

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Runner-up Titles

  • Cycled the Power
  • The Principles are Amazing
  • The neighbors prefer a MRI machine to my dog
  • Does this mean the public cloud is over?
  • Where was the Oracle rep?
  • We fear change
  • SaaS for me, not for you
  • The author of this text does not like Amazon
  • Adventure-driven development
  • You’ve got great a manifesto
  • Intolerable!
  • Cory Doctorow amped up


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