Trust and Incentives

Episode 387 · November 18th, 2022 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

This week we discuss the Gartner MQ for CIPS and all the happenings at Twitter. Plus, more thoughts on passwords and calendars.

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Runner-up Titles

  • From Montessori to your Funeral
  • The Shit Pile of Enterprise Software
  • Software Expires
  • Bring in all the Kubernetes you can find
  • You’re in Some Kind of Password Genie Hell.
  • The salesperson at Gartner doesn’t want this report to go away
  • Going back to the Monolith
  • SRElon doesn’t do blameless postmortems
  • Mastodon as a Service at re:Invent
  • I am still betting on status quo outcome
  • Keep the Twitter off the phone
  • Bury me with my MP3 backup drives


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