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Episode 376 · September 9th, 2022 · 1 hr 7 mins

About this Episode

This week we discuss Japan’s “war” on floppy disks, Twitter adds an edit button and Apple going all-in on eSIM. Plus, will the U.S. finally get instant bank transfers?

Runner-up Titles

  • They were already in the system.
  • Headless Optimization Gone Amuck.
  • While sitting on the toilet
  • Extensive iPhone Carrying Strategy Breakdown. We need fanny packs.
  • All you have to do to know the problem is to hear the solution.
  • Bring Paul Ford out of retirement.
  • Great ideas, getting close
  • Prevent the typo
  • 73 SaaS Companies
  • “Because, you know, Coté: I’m a pro.”
  • That may be his family crest


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  • Patrick tweeted about Birdnet and his 5-year-son likes the pictures

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