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Episode 369 · July 22nd, 2022 · 56 mins 4 secs

About this Episode

If capitalism is so great, why aren’t we working less? We discuss the potential for the GDP to finally do something for us, plus simplifying “sovereign cloud” and the potential of containers with their own jurisdiction. Also, thoughts on PowerPoint filenames.

Runner-up Titles

  • Also true, Less Money, Mo Problems
  • Should have just been titled “Mo’ Problems.”
  • Pancakes in Australia
  • Australian names for pancakes: jackies, thin roundies, carbo-jacks, Yankee Breakfast Discs, flappies/flappos.
  • Rentie and Rentos - “I’m renting, so it’s terrible.”
  • Presentation-Final-V2.pptx
  • DJ .PPTX Final_V2
  • I learned nothing about slide naming in college
  • conference_keynote-rough_draft_feedback_welcome.pptx
  • The Software Defined Fund
  • Surfboard popped up and slapped my willies.
  • Lean into it, or be leaned into.


  • Sovereign cloud as a test of cloud differentiation
    • Microsoft adding in more sovereign cloud stuff .
    • There’s a stack of software you can move to different Datacenters globally, and you can bind compote and data to that region.
    • How different are each of the clouds? Do they offer kind of the same things?
    • Do they have patent fights over things to prevent each other from copying capabilities?
    • Is differentiation in price and their management skills? Performance based on how they they spend on the hardware?
  • TextExpander gets $41.4m funding round
    • Marco Polo is no more, people gave up.
    • Wut? Such confusion.
    • Says they have 100,000 monthly users - what is the math there?
    • TextExpander origin story .
  • If we can’t work less, what’s the point of all this capitalism?

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