The “severe ramifications” episode

Episode 234 · May 22nd, 2020 · 57 mins 44 secs

About this Episode

We discuss Facebook’s remote work policy, predictions of 8% less IT spending, the good Slack has done for humanity, and the mystery of a beloved blog that had no RSS feed. Also: Coté is back!


  • 3rd kids and pandemics
  • Severe consequences - just another way for companies to fuck you. (The exact wording was “severe ramifications.”)
  • It’s all just a spatula.
  • Downwardness.
  • You should talk less.
  • “Show Less” not working as expected.
  • All the complaints flow through my hammer.
  • Bruce Markup Language.
  • It is what it is, Matt Ray.
  • So much trash.
  • I was already kind of full of webinars.
  • Shit content is shit content.
  • Even Screenflow doesn’t do ripple delete by default.
  • A webinar Renaissance.
  • I wanna be a software vegan.

The Rundown

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