The Jez Humble/Life Insurance Renewal PDF Continuum

Episode 215 · January 24th, 2020 · 58 mins 20 secs

About this Episode

Coté proposes that there’s three types of apps to pay attention to in enterprises. Or something like that. Also, he has a magical method for doing digital transformation: actually do it. We open up discussing the delightful adventure of doing analyst feature matrixes. Also, some brief discussion of Apple Watches in the impeachment trial.

Mood board:

  • The game is won or lost before the spreadsheet it sent.
  • Incrementally updating apps, vs. making new businesses (digitizing) - like, maybe there just needs to be more programmers.
  • It’s not “stupid,” it’s “antiquated.”
  • Don’t make them think it is a big deal, or they’ll be afraid.
  • Finding business case loopholes, or ignoring them.
  • Can you base practices on loopholers?
  • Wearing Apple Watches to senate hearings - a real ok boomer moment - gadgets in meetings in general.
  • Audio books.
  • I just made myself a sandwich, wow.

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