“What choice do we have?”

Episode 210 · December 18th, 2019 · 52 mins 10 secs

About this Episode

“What choice do we have?”

At the end of the year, we answer listener questions. From middle-names, to athletes, to advice to startups. Also, we talk open source in 2020 predictions, that NYTimes story on Amazon, and Twinkies.

Mood board:

  • As they say “a dot w dot s.”
  • Twinkies are better after the Apocalypse
  • Does he know something we don’t know?
  • They could have been the paper of record on “A.M.I.”
  • Judgemental open source.
  • The Three C’s.
  • “CTO Edge.”
  • CTOs don’t go to DevOps Days
  • I try to show up to most conferences I’m speaking at.
  • “I love the way they’re kicking that ball.”
  • They didn’t consider “Motel 6” for Matt’s middle name.
  • It’s safe to watch The Watchmen.

Relevant to your interests


  1. What are your thoughts on the big data industry and technologies like Spark? from Jay via Slack ~~2. ~~As industry vets, what advice do you have for the new school IAM/monitoring startups? (other than: integrate with AD for ent clients) from Ryan via Slack
  2. What is the best conference swag you've ever given away or received? My personal best was a power brick that could also charge up apple's airpods for some reason. from Tim from Slack
  3. What tech conferences are worth going to that we haven't heard of? Are there interesting things that are smaller scale than the reinvents / dreamforce / et al, that provide great information and attract a really interesting set of speakers?from Tim from Slack
  4. Why do you think we don’t see more celebrity athletes featured in tech advertisements? Granted I knew the writing was on the wall at one company I was at when we hired Mike Tyson for our CES booth, but uh why hasn’t that worked out yet? from Ryan from Slack ~~~~ 1. Tangentially: https://twitter.com/edsbs/status/1206589810439274496
    1. Related: https://twitter.com/TylerIAm/status/1045495019325587456
  5. Is a startup aspiring to be acquired by a foundation like the CNCF a legit business model? from Ryan from Slack
  6. For the expats: what's your favorite and least favorite thing(s) about your new regions? from Nathan from Slack
  7. What would you say ya do here? from Noe via Slack
  8. Matt, what is your middle name? from Jordy via Slack


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