The Sanka of hot sauces

Episode 206 · November 23rd, 2019 · 1 hr 20 mins

About this Episode

We discuss Kubecon and Slack vs. Microsoft Teams. Pretty frothy stuff!

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Mood board:

  • One.
  • “I am not upgrading.”
  • “Nothing ever good comes out of upgrades.”
  • “I need someone with 35 years experience to run the internal blog.”
  • “Shut the doors on your way out.”
  • Planning makes us professional
  • Tech news sucks nowadays, where’s the good news?
  • Put that gravy on your shorts.
  • It’s the Sanka of hot sauces.
  • The problem is, there’s only one size of tortilla: giant.
  • ah tortillas.
  • They have really good lighting.
  • Prove me wrong, Kubecon 2020.
  • “Their negotiation with the underlying platform.”
  • I’m not a technical person, I’m a toga person.
  • The Oxnard Comma.
  • Stop not giving your money to Kafka, give it to us.
  • Is that still the future, or is it finally the present?
  • When the money tree starts shaking, might as well catch some money.
  • Giant monsters fighting in Japan. Call in Idris Elba.
  • The video conferencing circle of life.
  • The Schwag Cycle.
  • 1am city council meetings for the parking app product manager.
  • Cocky sci-fi Europeans.

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Listener Feedback

  • Sent stickers to Chris in Pittsburgh. He says. “Thanks much for the show, look forward to every week and the great mix of strategy, Kubernetes, parenting, meat, and travel.’
  • Ashish from Charlotte and he say he “Loves the show.”

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