The janitor strategy

Episode 196 · September 13th, 2019 · 1 hr 21 mins

About this Episode

Developers don’t buy anything, but they make other people buy things. We try to, once again, build a theory of how developers drive IT spend. Also: hotel shampoo bottles, Scottish vikings, and Kiwi slang.

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Mood board:

  • Buying something different to try something new.
  • Australian bagels.
  • “Let’s start the QBR: we’re gonna have hide my ass.”
  • “Obviously if we don’t sell ads we can do whatever the fuck we want.”
  • More fools giving their software away for free
  • I have a lot of thoughts on How to Train Your Dragon
  • Hanging out with the Scots at The Hague
  • I do have a follow-up question, but not on the soap.
  • Some baroque, bespoke, monster piece of infrastructure.
  • Matt’s little bit of glue.
  • How much simpler can you get than straight code?
  • General Container’s army of yamlites.
  • Developer tools = vomit on the floor
  • Write in if you disagree.

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Listener Feedback

  • Sent stickers to Blair from London
  • David from Waikanae, NZ sent us a note and say he really enjoys the podcast. Also, tells us “fanny pack in NZ, its a whole different meaning!!!!!”
    • Does Matt Ray know what these mean: jandals, togs, pavlova, pineapple lumps, lollies

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Outro: "Spottieottiedopalicious (Instrumental)."