Beyond the Fitzgeraldian Theory of Cloud Barriers to Entry

Episode 187 · July 13th, 2019 · 1 hr 7 mins

About this Episode

With IBM closing its acquisition of Red Hat, we discuss the changing mechanics of an enterprise software business. Why do we think the big clouds will have such an indefinite hold on market leadership when every past tech leader has been disrupted and fallen? Speaking of, Broadcom is tryin’ hard to become a portfolio company. Also, security sucks, Coté finds video chats annoying, and he can’t keep all the camera lingo in his head.

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  • I wish I could turn other people’s videos off.
  • Makes money, that’s a good strategy.
  • Security through diversity, is that a thing?
  • Breaking news, public cloud is a good thing.
  • I’ve been replaced by software.
  • What the fuck do I do with a histogram?
  • Clicking auto fixed the photo fine.
  • Flywheelin’.
  • You can’t cut costs by cutting your employees legs off.
  • It was something about FStop, and then I lost it.

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Conferences, et. al.

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  • 2019, a city near you: The 2019 SpringOne Tours are posted. Coté will be speaking at many of these, hopefully all the ones in EMEA. They’re free and all about programming and DevOps things. Coming up in: San Francisco (June 4th & 5th), Atlanta (June 13th & 14th)…and back to a lot of US cities.
  • Cloud Expo Asia Singapore, Oct 9th and 10th
  • DevOpsDays Sydney 2019, October 10th and 11th

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  • Coté is not coordinated enough to include that this episode.

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