I don’t know if it has a pickle plugin

Episode 179 · May 16th, 2019 · 1 hr 17 mins

About this Episode

I don’t know if it has a pickle plugin

Salesforce synergizing at IBM and Red Hat, VMware buys Bitnami, and Linux Desktop market share analysis. Plus, pickles.

Opening comments:

  • The intersection between business books and dog vomit.
  • Democracy sausage.
  • Coté can’t get extra pickles.
  • Let me close out this topic of pickles.
  • It’s not Burger King.
  • Enterprise Salespeople don’t get tattoos
  • T-shirt currency arbitrage.
  • Literally misspelled responsibility
  • Tacos and IT transformation
  • 7 layer burrito of IT transformation.
  • BSD and Linux are the same, right? (Don’t email me.)
  • Don’t watch Coté’s old videos.
  • Did the cat walk on your keyboard?

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Listener Feedback

  • Tom from Schiermonnikooglaan in The Netherlands tell us “Thanks for the awesome podcasts” and we sent him laptop stickers.

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Outro: Burger King commercial, 1974.