Capturing dumpling juice, the Pentagon selects AWS, & Thor

Episode 132 · April 30th, 2018 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

Eating dumplings, it turns out, is more complicated than just sticking them in your dumpling hole, as Coté found out in Bangkok thanks to a Singaporean friend. We’re live-to-tape from DevOpsDays Jakarta this episode, just Coté and Matt Ray. We discuss the Pentagon’s stubbornness of (seemingly) picking just one cloud provider for their major cloud project and then have an oddly lengthy discussion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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US military says “get of my lawn, you kids” to AWS mono-usage

  • ‘Rival contractors complain that the winner-take-all approach favors Inc., the biggest supplier of cloud services. But Pentagon officials made clear they have little patience for continuing debate over the issue. In response to a question on the “rationale for a single award for this contract,” the answer posted was blunt: “This rationale is not going to be published at this time.”’
  • More: “It was a decision the department made based on its needs, so adding context there doesn’t benefit us.”
  • But, actually, it’s just one pick for now: “The contract, known as JEDI -- for the the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud Program -- won’t prevent the Defense Department from working with other cloud vendors in the future.” IBM doth protest too much?
  • Check out Bloomberg’s layman’s definition of cloud: “Cloud services -- in which computing power and storage are hosted in remote data centers run by a third-party company rather than on-site in locally owned machines -- can make it easier for large organizations to move and integrate data across different platforms, quickly expand the data storage it needs based on usage and make system-wide security upgrades to software.” Not too shabby, and it thankfully doesn’t mention THE CYBER.

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  • Icinga is the Nagios fork, so says Shaun.


  • Coté: Coté doesn’t remember what he recommended.
  • Matt: Aphex Twin’s Cheetah EP